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Top 10 Tips to Transition to Self Employment

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Planning for financial success as your own boss?

Don't know how to get started?

One of the most common questions we encounter is people who want to quit their day jobs, but don't know how. These are the questions that cross every employee's mind when being part of a workplace. Many people believe that leaving their 9-5 job will affect their financial security and therefore don't consider the transition to a venture of their own. The most difficult part of the journey is simply beginning the transition to becoming self-employed. Once you begin, you are already half way there!

The most important question is WHY? The bigger the why the easier the HOW! Why do you want to quit your job and become a full time entrepreneur? Having TIME is one of the leading reasons why people want to transition to being self-employed. Time is your greatest asset, not being able to be duplicated or manipulated gives this component the most value in everybody's life. No amount of money can replace the time you cherish with your family and are able to participate in life's most beautiful moments when your baby takes their first step to them graduating from college. Being self-employed gives you the opportunity to control your own time and be your own boss. Who wouldn't want to be in charge of their own time?

Get your finances on the right track with the top 10 TIPS in transitioning to SELF-EMPLOYMENT!

  1. Change your mindset 
  2. Being part of a business organization 
  3. Find a mentor 
  4. Be resourceful 
  5. Use your free-time wisely 
  6. Formulate a business plan 
  7. Build up personal/family funds 
  8. Live within your means 
  9. Start early (learn faster = earn faster)
  10. Daily positive affirmations

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