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    Let's do your Income Tax with Wycotax Professionals

    Doing your own income taxes isn’t an afternoon project. It’s a long, intricate process, which may become more or less difficult based on your personal financial situation. Also, consider the circumstances under which you may be working.
    When it comes to your income taxes, there’s no room for mistakes. One simple error could lead to months, or even years, of stress – as well as to audits, interest, and costly penalties. After you file your income taxes, the IRS has three years in which they may investigate your case. Making a mistake that could haunt you for that long just isn’t worth it.
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    Gone are the days when physical retail stores had a monopoly on consumer preference. Consumers who once had to visit physical stores now have alternative options, mainly being, purchasing goods online. The pandemic really led to an increase in online shopping, however, this does not necessarily...
    Save on avoidable expenses for your business Are you worried that the end of the financial year is approaching and thus welcoming the tedious tax season? Most accountants will tell you that the tax season is one of the most challenging moments as they try to reconcile the books of accounts with...
    You have a lot to do as a new owner of a business. Your to-do list includes everything from creating a business plan to hiring staff. While you are juggling startup tasks you should also consider how taxes might impact your business. These five tips are provided by Jessie Seaman, a Tax Defense...